Since 2013, we have been championing a worldwide effort to foster inter-disciplinary communication and collaboration before students start their professional careers. We focus on combining the technical field of Engineering with the interactive field of Commerce. 

The next competition will be held in downtown Montreal from February 28th to March 4th 2017. It will involve teams from 12 internationally recognized academic institutions, consisting of engineering and commerce students. During the five day competition, each delegation will compete in three cases.

Competition Format


12 teams will be attending the competition. They will be randomly divided into 3 divisions of 4 teams during the opening ceremony. Each division will remain the same for the 3 cases.


Day 1: No case - Introduction and orientation

Day 2: First case of six (6) hours and presentation

Day 3: Second case of six (6) hours and presentation

Day 4: Third case of twelve (12) hours

Day 5: Presentation of the third case and the final presentation before board of directors.

After each case, each team will present their solution in front of a three-person jury who will give them a score out of 100. They must support each presentation with a PowerPoint and appropriate documentation. The team with the highest cumulative score from each division after the three cases will move on to the final presentation.

Case preparation

For the 6 hour cases ONLY, teams will start at offset times in order to match with their presentation times.  From the moment you receive your case, you have 6 hours (or 12 for the 12-hour case) to solve it. This time includes preparing for the 15-minute presentation to be given in front of a jury. The cases will be solved in isolated preparation rooms where the competitors will have all the tools to develop solutions, perform calculations and designs if desired and make a presentation.

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