Meet the 2016-2017 team 

Jonathan maman, President

Jonathan is a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student with a Finance degree under his belt. 

To him, ECCC is all about pushing participants so they can find out not just how much they can achieve, but indeed, what is achievable. It's about setting a higher standard for yourself and everyone around you. It's about moving forward and reaching higher every day.


STEPHANy Viñas, VP corporate relations

Stephany is directly imported to Canada from her native country, Mexico, about 8 years ago. She lived in Québec City for some time, where she learned French and found out about this amazing liquid called maple syrup. She loves nature and any sport that has something to do with it. She strongly believes in that it's NEVER too late to do something. because whether you start at 5 or 35, if you put in the work, you can do anything you want!

She met the ECCC family last year working as a team ambassador, and had the pleasure to share such a great experience, so she came back! She thinks ECCC can grow together thanks to our same dedicated spirit, and she also think that the team can make of ECCC the best version of itself with time and dedication. 

Maya cera guy, VP External affairs and vp finance

Maya is entering her third and final year of Accounting at JMSB, but it won’t be farewell yet since she plans to pursue her CPA designation right after that. She enjoys hiking, travelling, spending quality time with friends and family, and taking chances. Her weakness: Italian food. She can’t resist the stuff, nor will she ever want to. 

As VP of External Affairs, she plans to recruit even more international universities this year, to add to the diversity of the competition and strengthen relationships with universities who have participated in the past.

stephane mailloux, VP Academic affairs

Stephane is enthusiastic to take on VP of Academic Affairs with ECCC because of the equal passion he shares for Commerce and Engineering. He enjoys rock climbing, and almost every other sport for that matter. He appreciates the natural beauty of our Earth - but he really loves ribs! 

Being in charge of the Academic aspect, he aims to make the competition stimulating for all participants by basing the cases on real and challenging industry problems. This mission represents an exciting opportunity for him to enhance his potential as an Engineering student.


Sarah's completing her second year as an Industrial Engineering student. She enjoys hiking, travelling and compulsively organizing her agenda. Her goal is to make the best out of her studies at Concordia University by accomplishing challenging projects.

For this reason, she is taking on the role of VP of Operations for the ECCC. Throughout the year, she aims to implement engineering concepts to ensure the logistics of the competition run efficiently.