MEET THE 2017-2018 TEAM!



Sarah is a 3rd year Industrial Engineering student and was ENGCOMM's VP Operations for the 2017 edition.

To her, ENGCOMM is all about pushing participants so they can find out not only how much they can achieve, but also, what is achievable. It's about creative students coming together with different backgrounds to solve complex industry problems. For its fifth edition, she's looking forward to leading the talented individuals of ENGCOMM's executive committee to organize this incredible competition.



  VP Corporate Relations

Stephane is enthusiastic to take on VP Corporate Relations. Our former VP Academic loves the competition because of his passion for disruptive technologies and entrepreneurship. He carries this same drive to attract the best companies and says the participants will be blown away by what our sponsors are bringing to the table this year.

During his free time, he enjoys hockey, basketball, and almost every other sport for that matter. A Master's in biomedical engineering is also in the pipeline after his Bachelor's!



valerIe langlois,         VP OPERATIONS

Former Team Ambassador for the 2017 edition, Valerie appreciated her experience with ENGCOMM so much that she decided to take on the VP Operations position for the upcoming edition of the Engineering and Commerce Case Competition.

She is a 3rd year Industrial Engineering student with an interest in business and technology. Working in an IT Consulting Firm, Valerie understands the importance of bridging gaps and strongly encourages students to do the same. She believes that ENGCOMM is the perfect opportunity and promises to work hard with the team to make this year’s edition one to remember.



          vp finance

Narek is a third year accounting student taking on the role of VP Finance.

As his first year in the team, he is very excited to learn more about the competition and to work closely with ENGCOMM’s dynamic team to host this very special and distinctive case competition and bring together University students from all over the world.

To him, our time in University can be a very tedious place especially when students don’t get involved outside their classrooms. This is why he encourages everyone to get out there, meet people, and give back to the community.


raffi jansezian,

         VP marketing

Currently on his first year in university, Raffi wasted no time and quickly got involved in a community he feels fits him best. As a software engineer in a family full of business graduates, ENGCOMM's contribution in the bridging of the gap between engineering and commerce is something he really admired.

Taking the lead as VP Marketing for the 2017-2018 ENGCOMM competition, he thinks he can bring an effective new approach to the way the competition is marketed. Working with a team of enthusiastic and dedicated students, Raffi feels confident in his goals and is excited for what the future holds for the competition.


camille cervia,

           VP External affairs

Born and raised in France, Camille has been studying on four continents in recent years and has now settled in the best city to be a student, Montreal. She is entering her 4th and final year of International Business and Business Technology Management at JMSB.

As VP External, Camille hopes to increase the number of both international and overall number of participating universities.



                   VP Internal affairs

Ellen is a 4th year Human Resource Management student and this is her first role as an executive member of a committee.

She believes that ENGCOMM is not only a great way to merge two leading industries but it allows for like-minded and driven students from all over the world to give a fresh perspective on very real organizational challenges. She looks forward to working closely with such an accomplished executive team in order to make the fifth edition of the competition a raving success.


Ana Julia Carrasquel, VP ACADEMICS

Ana Julia is a 4th year Civil Engineering student planning to become an entrepreneur

The traditional "get a diploma and then find a job" path is not enough anymore; the technological and environmental challenges we face demand from everyone specially students everywhere, to be more creative, to have effective communication and problem-solving skills. Having realized this, Ana Julia decided to join ECCC organizing committee and contribute to offering the unique experience of working on real industry problems that will make students learn how to effectively merge their talents and knowledge to find the best solution possible. This is what every student needs to be doing right now and we are very lucky to be part of it.