MEET THE 2018-2019 TEAM!

Stephanefront (1).jpg

STephane Mailloux, President

For the sixth edition, Stephane has the honour to head ENGCOMM’s mission to ignite innovation by bridging the gap between Business and Engineering. He loves the competition because of his passion for disruptive technologies and the people he gets to meet along the way! He says the participants will be blown away by what our sponsors are bringing to the table this year.

During his free time, he enjoys hockey, running, and almost every other sport for that matter.


Jean-gabriel lacombe, vp executive

Jean-Gabriel is a 4th year mechanical engineering student who is joining the team as VP Executive after volunteering in last year's edition of ENGCOMM.

Jean-Gabriel has seen first-hand how the competition brings the best out of students and is excited to be part of such a great multi-disciplinary event again this year. To him, the competition is about challenging students and creating a dynamic environment in which participants can learn. He looks forward to working alongside a talented organizing team and is excited to see what solutions competitors develop this year.


Jonathan Tsiolis,

VP Corporate Relations

Jonathan is a 3rd year finance and data intelligence student who is extremely excited to live his first hands on experience with ENGCOMM next February after watching last years recap.

He says the benefits engcomm brings to our corporate partners, by having the best pedigree of students solve real life issues is an amazingly rewarding and fulfilling feeling. That same passion and dedication is something he applies in his everyday tasks working conjointly with the amazing exec team. This is why engcomm is the place to be!

He plans to pursue his CFA and MBA after his undergrad and continue to voice the importance of bridging the gap between engineering and commerce.


rune carlson, VP OPERATIONS

As a previous competitor and volunteer during the 2017-’18 competition, it is Rune’s privilege to be one of the many driving forces behind this year’s events. Surrounded by a dedicated and inspiring team, he is really looking forward to seeing all the hard work culminate into a fantastic competition. While fulfilling his role as VP of Operations with ENGCOMM, Rune is also pursuing a degree in Building Engineering with a potential future in a Master’s of Architecture. With a future in two very different fields, he looks forward to witnessing another incredible event where interdisciplinary innovation is paramount.


amritjot singh,

vp finance

Amritjot is a 3rd year Accounting student at JMSB. As a former JMSB Case competitor, he is ecstatic to be tackling the behind the scenes action at ENGCOMM’s 6th edition. In his role as the VP Finance he is looking to ensure ENGCOMM's 6th year is executed perfectly.

He is looking forward to welcoming the brilliant competitors & coaches, dedicated faculty and judges, and amazing sponsors to yet another year of fierce competition. Amritjot could not be more proud to be part of such a talented executive team and is confident that this year will be absolutely riveting.


alexa paikin,

VP marketing

Alexa is a 4th year building engineering student, and extremely excited for her first year working with the ENGCOMM team. Alexa is determined to use her influence as VP of Marketing to show both Concordia and the rest of the world how great of a competition ENGCOMM is, and how multi-disciplinary collaboration is the future of the workplace.


Diana kazaryan,

VP External affairs

Diana is a second year business technology management student at JMSB and is excited for this journey with the best executive team. She has big dreams and ENGCOMM will help her accomplish them.

As VP of External Affairs, her goal is to make ENGCOMM known across the globe and increase the participant count. This year is an exciting year for ENGCOMM and the team has been working hard on new additions to the competition.


Adham aly,

VP Internal affairs

Adham is a second year student with a major in International Business and minors in Political Science and Data Intelligence. His first encounter of the competition was as a volunteer during last year’s edition, and he was immediately hooked!

This year, he came back as ENGCOMM’s VP Internal. For Adham, ENGCOMM is not just a competition, as he believes that it is an excellent way of helping students grow and develop outside of their comfort zones through the experiential learning process of solving multi disciplinary cases.


jonathan maman, VP ACADEMICS

After earning his BCOMM with a major in Finance at the John Molson School of Business and over a decade at the Bank of Montreal, Jon decided to go back to Concordia to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. Somewhere along the way, he was recruited to join ENGCOMM as VP Internal and to lead the next team as President the following year. In his fourth year with EngComm he brings experience and guidance to the team.


Roei Shahmoon, Director operations

Roei is a second year student double majoring in accounting and finance taking on the role of director of operations.

As a former mechanical engineering student, he is excited to see how commerce and engineering merge together as students compete in this global case competition.

He believes that university is a place with many possibilities to get involved, meet people and give back to the community and encourages everyone to take advantage of these opportunities.


Denis Boily, director external affairs

Denis is in his third year at the John Molson School of Business, completing a double major in Finance and Management. After participating in three different case competitions, he was eager to join ENGCOMM and help organize a renowned international case competition.

He wants to increase the number of participating universities so more students can benefit from this multi-disciplinary event. Case competitions are amazing learning and networking experiences, and ENGCOMM provides an extra touch, providing the opportunity for engineering and business students to collaborate and share their skills.


kevork Boyadjian, director corporate relations

Kevork is currently in his second year of university, majoring in Finance and minoring in Computer Science. Joining an organization which marries his two passions seemed like a no-brainer.

Taking on the role of Director of Corporate Relations for the 2019 edition of ENGCOMM, Kevork hopes to enrich his university experience while building a network of industry professionals. As a musician and a scout leader, he thrives on collaboration and teamwork to realize a common goal.