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OCTOBER 31, 2019.

The Engineering and Commerce Case Competition (ENGCOMM) is an official not-for-profit organization. It is a high caliber competition between selected universities from around the world. Founded in 2012, ENGCOMM's mission is to bridge the communication gap between two major faculties: Engineering and Commerce. Our comprehensive cases are designed to solve real life industry problems which require the collaboration of Engineering and Commerce students.


Cross-Faculty Competition

Our comprehensive cases are designed to solve real life industry problems which require the collaboration of both Engineering and Commerce students. In order to be successful, students will have to develop a strategy to integrate teamwork, technical background and collaborative thought process as they work together to generate solutions and innovative ideas. It is during the case preparations that the communication channels between the two disciplines will be tested and improved.

diverse networking opportunities

The spirit of ENGCOMM is built on enhancing the relationship between Engineering and Commerce. The merger of these two faculties will allow a major networking experience to unfold. Participants have the chance to network with our corporate partners and other students on numerous occasions.

Represent your university

By attending this prestigious competition, you will have the opportunity to further promote your university’s brand name. Many other educational institutions, corporations and media outlets will be focusing on the competition and will be looking forward to the final standings.



  • Participating in the Engineering & Commerce Case Competition (ENGCOMM) was hands down one of the best experiences in my undergraduate experience. The premise of the of the competition was to give us a chance to work in a multidisciplinary group under pressure. Coming up with solutions in that intense environment along with receiving and incorporating feedback from industry experts, served as a great learning opportunity. Beside all the knowledge I gained, I also had a lot of fun and met many like minded individuals
    — Tawheed (Tao) Altowaitee, University of Calgary
  • The 2016 ECCC competition was the highlight of my entire undergraduate degree. This amazing experience forced me to develop my strengths, trust my teammates, and powerfully communicate a decision. The case problems are very abstract, yet still applicable, giving real life experience that relate to diverse future careers. Most impressive of all, was how the ECCC team managed to mesh a professional event with friendly social fun. If I could do the competition again I would in an instant.
    — Spencer Kerber, University of Calgary
  • I had the honour of being titled Best Speaker at ECCC 2016 in Montreal. Over my university career, I've participated in many case competitions and intensive programs, but I've never done something like ECCC before. The months of prep-time with your team ahead of time, the tense and exciting atmosphere throughout the week, and the relief when it's all over created a wholistic learning experience. The opportunity to compete against schools from around the world, and truly understanding that when it comes to engineering and commerce, one simply cannot exist without the other was unforgettable. I simply could not recommend this competition more to students, schools and potential sponsors.
    — Vanessa Raponi, McMaster University, Winner of Best Speaker Award


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